What you’ll learn

Here is your all-in-one WordPress solution: Learn to create a business website from scratch including an online store and payment gateway integration. It is so simple and straightforward.

  • Gain the skill to create a fully functioning website using WordPress.

  • Gain knowledge on the essential elements that make up a business website and apply it to any number of business sites that you create in the future!

  • Gain the knowledge and skill to sell your products and services online and collect payment directly through your website.

  • Gain the skill to set up an automated system on your website that will help to generate and capture leads for your business!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day 1 -- Introduction - How web (www) works?

    • What you'll learn

    • Introduction

    • How web (www) works?

  • 2

    Day 2 - Getting Started with WordPress

    • Topics

    • How To Determine Good Domain Name

    • How To Identify A Good Hosting Provider

    • Cpanel

    • Installing WordPress

    • Update - How to hosting WordPress for Free

    • The Six Essential Pages You Must Create For A Business Website!

  • 3

    Day 3 - Web Page Creation Part I - About Us Page

    • Topics

    • About Page 1

    • About Page 2

    • About Page 3

    • About Page 4

    • About Page 5

  • 4

    Day 4 - Web Page Creation Part II - Testimonial Page

    • Topics

    • Testimonial Page 1

    • Testimonial Page 2

  • 5

    Day 5 - Web Page Creation Part III - Products/Services Page

    • Topics

    • Product page 1

    • Product Page 2

  • 6

    Day 6 - Blog Creation

    • Integrating A Business Blog Into Your WordPress Website

    • Blog 2

  • 7

    Day 7 - Web Page Creation Part IV - Contact Us Page

    • Topics

    • Contact Page 1

    • Contact Page 2

    • Contact Page 3

    • Contact Page 4

    • Contact Page 5

    • Contact Page 6

  • 8

    Day 8 - Web Page Creation Part V - Home Page

    • Topics

    • Home Page 1

    • Home Page 2

  • 9

    Day 9 - Sidebar Creation - Maximize Every Space For Conversion!

    • Sidebar Creation

  • 10

    Day 10 - Doing More With WordPress Plugins!

    • Topics

    • Plug-in 1

    • Plug-in 2

    • Plug-in 3

  • 11

    Day 11 - Changing Themes, Changing Results!

    • Topics

    • Divi Theme

    • Theme 1

    • Theme 2

    • Theme 3

    • Theme 4

    • Theme 5

    • Theme 6

    • Theme 7

    • Theme 8

  • 12

    Day 12 - Collecting Payment Online From Your Customers

    • Payment Gateway

  • 13

    Day 13 - eCommerce (Create Your Online Store With WordPress!)

    • Topics

    • eCommerce 1

    • eCommerce 2

    • eCommerce 3

    • eCommerce 4

    • eCommerce 5

  • 14

    Day 14 - Bonus Topics (Regular Updates & Tips)

    • Topics

    • Tip 1

    • Tip 2

    • Tips 3

  • 15

    Day 15 - Working with Divi Theme

    • Doing More with Divi

    • Working with Divi 1

    • Page Creation - Contact Page

    • Page Creation - Home Page 1

    • Page Creation - Home Page 2

    • Page Creation - About Page 1

    • Page Creation - About Page 2

    • Page Creation - About Page 3

    • Page Creation - Program Page

    • Page Creation - Get Involved Page 1

    • Page Creation - Get Involved Page 2

    • Page Creation - Get Involved Page 3

  • 16

    Bonus Materials

    • Startup Guide to Online Success

    • Facebook for Business Study Guide

  • 17

    Starting A Website Design Agency & Freelancing

    • Starting A Website Design Agency & Freelancing

Lifetime Access


Social proof: testimonials

This Course is a Pot of Gold

by Omobolanle Tubi, Director, DG Leather Works

The website training couldn’t have come at a better time. The lockdown gave me lots of opportunities to do things I have been pushing and building a website has been one of them. So I had to grab this pot of gold. And this training was a pot of gold. The training was easy to follow anyone can understand. It was systematic, and no hidden gimmicks. I have used Wordpress in the past but this training showed me I had not touched the surface of Wordpress, never knew I could achieve this from the site. Thank you for sharing your knowledge God bless you!

I Did It Myself

By Ajala Abayomi Isaac, MD Abayo Integrated Services

Over the years I had a need to build a website for my business idea and tried hiring website designers but they could not offer me the best designs, and their pricing is off my budget. But I thank God came across this course. Now, I can build a world class website for my business and for others.

Save 90% And Get #3 Free Bonuses!

If the 90% discount isn't enough to have you enroll, these 3 free gifts will surely do the trick.

  • Divi Theme worth $249

    This theme will help you create a fully responsive business website in no time flat.

  • Facebook Ads Hack

    Everybody looking to generate more sales by running Facebook ads will eventually get zero sales and waste money running ads. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In this bonus, you’ll see how to banish getting zero sales and waste money running ads from your life forever ...and never have to think about it again.

  • Startup Guide for Online Success

    In this 30 pages report, you’ll see the TRUTH about positioning your business online ...and how you can get more leads and sales online much faster than ever before.

Your Instructor

CEO, EduLight Consulting

Mayokun Oduoste

Mayokun has over 8 years of experience in website development. He is founder/CEO Edulight Consulting, a technology company with the mission to help Africa businesses generate more profits using digital tools. Mayokun specializes in helping small businesses grow. Mayokun hosts a quarterly free workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners called SME clinics by Mayokun. The workshop helps Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) address challenges associated with setting up and Growing. He is also the convener of the 205iDeas conference. Mayokun is the president of Africa professionals of Australia, Nigeria chapter.


  • What do I need for this training?

    1 hour daily for 15days, a computer and internet services access

  • Who this course is for?

    - New and Existing business owners who want to reach out to more customers online - Individuals seeking “Work From Home” Opportunity - Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Business Developers - Advisers of small, medium and fast-growing enterprises (SMEs) - Internet Entrepreneurs - Marketing Executives - Anyone looking to pursue a career in website designing - Graduate and students who want to acquire new skills

  • How long will this course take?

    The course usually takes 15days but you have lifetime access to the course after signup

  • This course includes?

    Training Material, 59 step-by-step practical video, Downloadable resources, Certificate of Completion

  • How much is this course?

    This course + Certificate is $100. But you are getting it at a 50% discount today.